Terrand Smith, Founder and CEO, 37 Oaks Consulting

Terrand Smith 37 Oaks

Terrand Smith, Founder and CEO, 37 Oaks Consulting

Spotlight Interview with Terrand Smith, 37 Oaks Consulting

A consummate retail professional, Terrand Smith oversaw close to $1 Billion in revenue during her decade long career in corporate retail. Working at the headquarters of CVS, Sears/Kmart, 7-Eleven, and Steelcase, she managed, grew, and restored categories with thousands of products and hundreds of vendor partners in over 15,000 retail outlets.

Her strengths were in optimizing product assortments, establishing pricing strategies, developing impactful promotions, streamlining process inefficiencies, negotiating with vendors, innovation and managing profit & loss statements. These strengths allowed her to drive significant growth in sales, market share, profitability and new business models for her company.

Smith is now the Founder and CEO of 37 Oaks Consulting, a Chicago-based commerce consulting firm that strengthens and revitalizes communities through local commerce. They do this by educating and preparing growing women and minority owned businesses for diverse growth in ecommerce, wholesale, storefront & mobile retail.

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