Zabdi Ek and Anayeli Crisantos, Tekies, LLC

tekies, llc

Zabdi Ek and Anayeli Crisantos, Tekies, LLC

A systemic disadvantage is faced by Black, Brown, and Queer creatives world-wide: unfair wages and lack of entrepreneurial opportunity. Tekies is a social enterprise, created to help address this systemic issue.
Tekies is a creative marketing agency, specializing in digitalizing businesses; and, Tekies is a catalyst for an inclusive entrepreneurial movement that generates social and financial liberation for Black, Brown, and Queer communities.

Zabdi Ek, CEO, is a Queer Mexican immigrant of indigenous descent. Zabdi designs innovative and culturally fulfilling business models that decolonize entrepreneurship, thus generating economic and social liberation for Black and Brown communities world-wide.

Anayeli Crisantos, COO, is a Brown DREAMer, digital creator, and immigrant who is passionate about digital media and communication technologies. As a founder, Anayeli believes in creating social impact and innovating an inclusive space for all creators.

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