We help aspiring startups and established businesses find the right business resources to start, scale or accelerate in and around Chicago.

Conference attendees
Photo Credit: Kenn Rhem, 2017

For the entrepreneur:

  • Quick connections to the right resources at the right time via hotline call or online
  • Access to a central calendar of events make getting involved in the Chicago entrepreneurial ecosystem easy
  • Ability to enter a specialized network of service providers offering a broad range of expertise

For the non-profit service provider:

  • Greater awareness in the community of services offered
  • Qualified leads
  • Greater awareness of services provided through other service providers
  • Compilation of statistics needed for service provider growth
  • Identification of entrepreneurial needs leading to program creation and collaboration
  • Sourcing and client tracking databases
  • Funding collaboration

For the community, ChiBizHub strengthens the network by partnering with the resource providers to:

  • Raise community awareness to increase entrepreneurial activity and network access
  • Identify gaps in services and promote entrepreneurial growth by initiating innovative programs and strategic alliances
  • Create a continuously improving process for providing quality services
  • Find new ways to increase funding for resource provider programs
  • Measure economic impact