ChiBizHub & Univision Chicago

ChiBizHub and World Business Chicago have joined forces with Univision Chicago (WGBO-TV) to connect our small businesses and entrepreneurs with resources and subject matter experts managing your business during this challenging time. Our weekly segment “PoSible” airs every Monday morning, just after 6:00 a.m. in Primera Hora.

Recuerda que sale todos los días de 5 a 7 a.m. y también en su app de noticias que puede bajar aquí.

POSiBLE Chicago 2020 Revivelo Virtual Expo – watch the recordings here!

Jazmin Garcia, Program Manager, was recently featured.

Andrew Fox, City of Chicago Business Affair: Your home is someone’s workplace

Chef Gabriel Alvarez, Kennedy King College talks about the school’s culinary program

Francisco Ramirez talks about the importance of social marketing for small business