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Sunshine Enterprises

Sunshine Enterprises is a NFP organization that focuses on equipping entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to start and grow their business.


Sunshine Enterprises became a tangible, tactical response to the question, “how could more work opportunities come to our communities, driven by existing residents and leadership and not by external employees?”  Sunshine Enterprises aims to empower entrepreneurs living in underserved areas, to grow their businesses and build their communities. Sunshine Enterprises offers a 12-week program that will walk entrepreneurs through the essential business management and cashflow management of their specific business. Come check us out at sunshineenterprises.com

Services Provided

Develop ideas

  • Establish goals
  • Define products
  • Price products
  • Create business plan
  • Create forecast

Find financing

  • Establish accounts
  • Analyze needs
  • Apply for a loan
  • Apply for a grant
  • Evaluate equity

Increase sales

  • Update forecast
  • Improve marketing
  • Establish online
  • Develop partners
  • Update business plan
  • Join accelerator

Capture wealth

  • Update pitch deck
  • Seek legal counsel
  • Plan for succession
Contact Information
Michael Wade
503 East 61st ST
(312) 868-0040 Ext: 203