Changing Oasis Inc

Changing Oasis is your source for support & leadership development. We empower women through self-discovery to obtain their personal and professional goals.


Company Overview
Changing Oasis, Inc. is dedicated to providing services that include obtaining a valid high school diploma, job readiness and resume writing, job application and interviewing readiness, typing, computer and basic internet training along with professional decorum.
The vision of Changing Oasis, Inc. is to provide critical services to a large and growing community of individuals who risk falling into the trap of permanent unemployment and disillusionment.
We utilize seminars, workshops and workforce development training directed towards the underserved, underprivileged, dislocated workers, single parents and/or handicapped individuals throughout the communities, cities, and the counties of Northern Illinois. We also offer a six-week Business Management 101 program.



Services Provided

Develop ideas

  • Establish goals

Capture wealth

  • Update pitch deck

Develop ideas

  • Create business plan

Find financing

  • Apply for a grant

Formalize structures

  • Certify as MBE/WBE

Hire / retain staff

  • Implement payroll

Increase sales

  • Develop partners
  • Join accelerator

Optimize operations

  • Write handbook
Primary Contact
Audrey Woodley
2554 N. Narragansett
Chicago, IL 60402