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North River Commission / Albany Park Chamber of Commerce

We help small businesses (at any stage of business) thrive through our programs: Albany Park Chamber of Commerce, Chicago Business Center, Neighborhood Business Development Center, and the Albany Park & Irving Park Special Service Area (SSA #60).


North River Commission (NRC) is a neighborhood nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of life in our community by developing affordable housing, quality education, arts and cultural endeavors, open spaces, and thriving small businesses. 

NRC operates the Albany Park Chamber of Commerce, the Chicago Business Center, the Neighborhood Business Development Center, and the Albany Park & Irving Park Special Service Area (SSA #60). Through these programs, we assist small businesses in the Northwest Side with:

  • Business licensing and permitting so you can apply online
  • Financing by connecting business owners to financial institutions and by providing information about public and private grants
  • Trainings and workshops as well as one-on-one assistance in English and Spanish
  • Support new economies introducing tenants to property owners, guiding them on zoning requirements, and marketing through ribbon cuttings and inaugurations
  • Recruiting skilled and qualified labor
  • Advertising and marketing through email newsletters, website promotions, and social media
  • Business to business networking events to meet other business owners, community members and community leaders
  • Community-wide events to attract more people to our neighborhood (events such as restaurant and bar crawls, festivals, concerts, and connections to neighborhood associations)

These services are covered by City grants to help entrepreneurs and small businesses at a local level, so entrepreneurs don’t have to pay for our help!

Services Provided

Develop ideas

  • Establish goals (Specialty)
  • Define products
  • Price products
  • Create business plan (Specialty)
  • Create forecast

Formalize structures

  • Register legally
  • Secure licenses (Specialty)
  • Buy insurance
  • Buy or rent space

Find financing

  • Establish accounts
  • Apply for a grant
  • Evaluate equity

Increase sales

  • Improve marketing
  • Establish online
  • Develop partners (Specialty)
  • Update business plan

Hire / retain staff

  • Write job specs

Capture wealth

  • Seek legal counsel (Specialty)
  • Sell your business
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