Develop Ideas


As you think about starting a new business, below you will find some questions to help you develop your business idea. You can download the guide here and watch the video below to guide you through the first steps of starting your business.

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1. Identify the Opportunity

What problem am I trying to solve?

Even if you think that you just want to sell something or provide a great service, you are still solving a problem for anyone who becomes a customer.

What is my product?
How do I explain it in one sentence? What differentiates my product from others in the market?

How will I price it?

How do I need to price my product considering the costs to make it? What about additional costs of production including labor, rent, and businesses expenses like marketing?

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2. Define Your Ideal Customer

How would I describe my customer?

What is my ideal customer’s age, gender, and location? What is their income, occupation, and education level?

What are their interests?

What does my ideal customer do in their free time? What hobbies do they have? What other businesses do they buy from?

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3. Prepare to Sell Your Product

How will I market my new idea?

What are the top three ways that I will get the word out about my business?

How will I make my first sale?

Where are the places that I will sell my product? Will I sell online or in person?

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