Rogers Park Business Alliance

Rogers Park Business Alliance (RPBA) works in the areas of business, community and economic development. We employ a professional staff and are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of local business owners, residents and stakeholders.


Rogers Park Business Alliance (RPBA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 1993. RPBA is proud to represent the business community for more than 28 years in one of the most culturally diverse communities in Chicago. Our entrepreneurial training programs and neighborhood enriching initiatives are created to sustain a vibrant community that grows and thrives together. We continue to develop programs that reach and serve businesses regardless of location, primary language or business stage.

Mission Rogers Park Business Alliance cultivates and sustains a thriving economic environment in Rogers Park, serving businesses and residents.

Vision An ideal Rogers Park offers diverse businesses, arts, cultural and recreational activities, good schools, safe streets, excellent transportation and sustainable practices for all of its residents and visitors.

Services Provided

Capture wealth

  • Update pitch deck
  • Seek legal counsel
  • Sell your business
  • Plan for succession
  • Meet investors

Develop ideas

  • Price products
  • Establish goals
  • Create business plan
  • Define products
  • Create forecast

Find financing

  • Manage books
  • Evaluate equity
  • Apply for a grant
  • Analyze needs
  • Establish accounts
  • Apply for a loan

Formalize structures

  • Buy insurance
  • Register legally
  • Secure licenses
  • Buy or rent space
  • Certify as MBE/WBE

Hire / retain staff

  • Write job specs
  • Draft staff manual
  • Implement payroll

Increase sales

  • Join accelerator
  • Establish online
  • Improve marketing
  • Develop partners
  • Update business plan
  • Update forecast

Optimize operations

  • Measure operations
  • Write handbook
  • Prep for wholesale
Primary Contact
Sheree Moratto
1448 W. Morse Ave.
Chicago, IL 60626