Entrepreneurial Support Program at UIC

The Entrepreneurial Support Program at UIC helps Chicagoland entrepreneurs, both on and off UIC campus to succeed in business!


For over 30 years, the College of Business Administration at UIC has opened doors for aspiring business owners.


Through the Entrepreneurial Support Program, we help new and established business owners start, scale and succeed in business! We work with you to find and access the tools and resources to build a prosperous venture. We work with Chicagoland entrepreneurs, both on and off UIC campus.


Services Provided

Capture wealth

  • Update pitch deck
  • Plan for succession

Hire / retain staff

  • Write job specs
  • Draft staff manual

Optimize operations

  • Measure operations
  • Write handbook

Increase sales

  • Update forecast
  • Improve marketing
  • Establish online
  • Develop partners
  • Update business plan

Find financing

  • Analyze needs
  • Apply for a loan
  • Apply for a grant
  • Evaluate equity

Formalize structures

  • Buy insurance
  • Buy or rent space

Develop ideas

  • Establish goals
  • Define products
  • Price products
  • Create business plan
  • Create forecast
Primary Contact
Steve Bob
601 S Morgan St
2513 University Hall MC 75
Chicago, IL 60123